2019 Is The Year of the Senior Blog!

Kane Senior Council is new to the blogging game and we hope everyone is enjoying the addition to our website. We think it is important to keep older adults, caregivers and volunteers up to date with trending topics on a global, national and local level. Blogs are a great source of information, that is why we are providing you with these must-read blogs that talk about trending topics within the older adult community! Each of these suggested blog is different in its own and will keep you engaged with their incredible posts.

Our first blog that we really love and are avid followers of is Senior Planet.

Their sleek website makes surfing the web for information fun and easy! Senior Planet started in 2006 and has been focusing on topics that are interesting of older adults. Their main focus is older adults who want to engage or stay engaged in the digital age. You can find topics that discuss dating, health and style all in one spot. The great part is Senior Plant staff, editors and writers are older adults! Many of the bloggers are older adult journalist who used to write for high profile publications such as The New York Times, Everyday Health, and Cosmopolitan. Some of the bloggers also are published authors. Senior Planet is defiantly a blog worth reading and we would highly suggest.

Time Goes By is the ultimate older adult blog site. The site takes hundreds of older adult’s blogs and has them available in one spot. The site has been deemed “The mother superior of elderblogging” by another blog post site As Our Parents Age. All blogs on this site are written by various older adult authors, unlike Senior Planet who has several designated older adult bloggers. Blog post cover all types of topics from end of life experiences, music and starting over. This raw and emotional blog site pulls at our heart strings every time and is defiantly written with passion.

We love reading blog post about older adult experiences and interest but we also focus on caregivers or adult children’s experiences. The Caregivers Space is a great source of information and has great blog post. The site is compiled of all aspects of caregiving and provides online support for caregivers. They also provide support through their Facebook group that caregivers can join and share their experience.

These are just three of the great sites that we enjoy following. Make sure to follow our blog as we publish more post in 2019. If you are interested in being a guest blogger for Kane Senior Council, please send us an email at info@kaneseniorcouncil.org and your request will be reviewed!

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