2019 Trends To Know For Seniors

March is here and that means we are already a quarter of the way through 2019. We took a look at predicted 2019 trends for older adults and broke it into four categories: housing, social, technology and health.   

Green Senior Housing:

Everyone is going green and older adults are no exception! Everywhere you turn there seems to be a new older adult community that is being built; many of these builders are keeping the environment in mind. Residential communities are going beyond being water and energy efficient. Communities are building locations that are sustainable within a location of their ecosphere and are close to public transportation to cut down on emission from cars. These buildings are green and leave even Mother Earth glowing. Just remember we are talking about the generation that is famous for Woodstock and flower power!

Niche Communities:

Aging is not what is used to be and the writing is on the walls. The new older adult is unique and refuses to age like their parents. A new concept has come along of niche older adult communities. There are communities for older adults for creative types, athletes and even Jimmy Buffet Parrot Heads! The younger generation of older adults does not see themselves aging in the typical ‘senior setting’; they see themselves as staying active and engaged. Niche communities are perfect for like minded older adults who want to age in their own version of Shangri-La.

Educational Retirement Opportunities:

The name is not what it seems. Educational Retirement Opportunities can be college level classes, learning how to make pottery or simply a lecture on nutrition! This struck a chord with us because we do offer Health & Wellness Education, which provides older adults information concerning their health.

Click here to view the video from this month’s topic about the latest dietary guidelines and how it has evolved over the years.

Boomers dust off your resumes!

Currently the job market is booming! In fact, right now, there is an estimated 7.1 million jobs available and the employment rate is the lowest it has been in decades. This is great news for older adults who are looking to enter the workforce. Many employers are leaning towards the boomer generation due to maturity, work experience and that seniors have an already established skill set.

Not ready to go back to work?

Check out some of the great volunteer opportunities that we offer!

Grandma’s Got Tech:

Fitness trackers are nothing new but there is a predicted trend of them being used amongst the older adult population. Several health care providers are trying to get these nifty bands into the hands of older adults all across the nation. The fitness tracker will vary from your everyday FitBit or Apple Watch. A fitness tracker for an older adult will be able to report data to their child or notify 911 in case of emergency. Making these sleek looking fitness trackers a potentially life saving device! Many health providers have not rolled out their version of the fitness tracker or there are still glitches, which is one of the cons of this trend. Currently our organization does offer Well-Being Checks every time someone interacts with one of our many services!

Voice Activated Wellness Apps:

Siri, Alexa and now Lisa! Voice activated apps have grown in popularity over the years; it was only a matter of time until there was one just for older adults! Lisa is a one-of-a-kind activated app that allows seniors to increase their social wellness. The app is just one of the many tech apps we will see in 2019 that will improve the ability of seniors to age in place. If going digital is not your speed for socializing then give us a call and we would love to help you out.

Customized Medicine Inspired Meals:

Meal Delivery kits are insanely poplar right now. Everywhere you turn, you see an ad for Daily Harvest or Hello Fresh! A new twist has occurred for meal delivery kits. Companies are starting to make customized kits with food that are crucial for certain illnesses or lifestyle. Some new kits that we can see popping up are Alzheimer’s kits, diabetes kits and senior health kits.

These kits can get costly and do require cooking, which is where we can step in and help. Our home delivered meal service provides meals to any over the age of 60 in Kane County. To enroll, reach out to one of amazing coordinators at 630-338-0999 or visit our home delivered meal service page.

Adjustable Orthopedic Shoes:

A startup company in Alaska called Pandere currently makes adjustable orthopedic shoes. The company only offers two styles at this moment. These are great for some who is suffering from diabetes, bunions or arthritis.

To see more information or order your shoes visit https://www.pandereshoes.com/collections/all.

These are just some of the new trends that we see for older adults in year 2019. Stay tuned with us as we talk about new trend that pop up during the year and exciting older adult news!

For more information on all the services for seniors that we offer, click below.

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