Celebrating Seniors for Older Americans Month

You’re somewhere along life’s path with goals for the future. You might want to raise a family, have a lasting marriage, start a business, or conquer mental health challenges. Whatever it is, some people have been there before. Seniors have done it all and looking back, there are things they would do differently.

We would be foolish to travel through our life without making older adults a part of it.

Experiences are what make us who we are. Imagine the impact someone with a lifetime of experiences has on a community. You grow faster when you are sharing experiences with others. This is why seeking out older adults helps you as you travel life’s (sometimes rocky) paths.

Build Your Community Up by Honoring Senior Citizens

Older adults are the people who came before you. They built up the community you live in. They are leaders and innovators. Lucky for you, you can now build up your community without starting from scratch.

You can thank the senior citizens of your community for that.

These strong people may be left to struggle alone as they get older. Especially during COVID, older adults are experiencing significant isolation and loneliness. They are grieving the loss of friends, and health challenges. Often while being away from their loved ones.

The month of May is Older Americans Month and it’s a good time to reflect on how you honor the older adults in your life. You can make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Let’s look at 7 ways to celebrate the people who paved the way for new generations

Give Them Your Time 

Seniors have gone through major changes in their life. They may have lost their spouse and friends. Their work and social schedule have gone through many transitions. They may be left grieving a life that they feel they have lost.

Give them your time and just listen. It will mean the world to them to be seen and heard. It will bring you new perspectives and a refreshed look at your own life.

Ask For Advice

The world seems to get busier and busier. Older adults are often overlooked as not being a part of that busy lifestyle. Seeking counsel from someone who has been where you are and who has experienced life’s challenges can change the way you live your life.

You might look for advice from people who are in the same walk of life that you are. You’re looking for someone you relate to. You miss out on the opportunity to hear from someone who has been through more and can look back at life and see how it all fits together. Relating to older adults starts with a conversation.

Recognize Their Needs

Talking with an older adult, you will learn what they feel is missing in their life. Do they have a friend to call? Do they need some motivation to go for a walk? You will also learn about the challenges. Are they getting meals? Is getting to the store a challenge?

Make a list of the tasks they need help with. If they need someone for yard work, you can offer to help or help them find someone to hire. Help them come up with solutions so that they don’t feel stuck. They are learning more about themselves every day and have to adjust to not being able to do everything that they use to do.

When you are spending time with a senior, get to know them individually so that you know how you can serve them and make a difference in their life.

Share Family Stories 

Learning about family history strengthens the connections through generations. Young people develop a strong sense of who they are and where they come from when they learn about their family that came before them.

Studies have shown this contributes to the resiliency a person experiences in hard times. Children who know more about their family histories tend to do better when facing challenges in life. This may be a result of understanding that failure and hard times can lead to triumph in life. They hear about their ancestors recovering from hard times and they instill a belief that they can do it too.

Connecting children with seniors is a great way for them to experience life from new perspectives. Older adults will enjoy seeing life from a younger perspective as well. Some of the best friendships are made with young and old sharing experiences.

Respect Older Adults  

Older adults grew up with an etiquette they don’t always see in the world today. When spending time with seniors, be respectful and listen without interrupting. Keeping good manners is a great way to practice mindful intention. Transferring these habits to other relationships in your life will improve the way people see and respect you as well.

A few things to keep in mind when talking with an older adult:

  • Don’t call an older adult by their first name unless you were instructed to do so.
  • Make eye contact and speak clearly.
  • Offer help such as opening the door or reaching something for them.
  • Ask questions about their experiences and listen.

Thank Senior Citizens

If you don’t live near the older adults in your life, call them. Let them know that they matter. Thank them for the positive impact they have had on your life.

Many senior citizens are still leading a community with volunteering opportunities. They are involved and engaging every day to be a positive influence for good. Find them and thank them.

And then join them.


Keeping in mind that our experiences are what shape us, it’s important to find opportunities to give. When time is spent giving, we see growth.

The experiences you hold onto the most are often the experiences spent touching other people’s lives. Volunteering with organizations like DSCC puts you in the center of a movement that is working hard to celebrate seniors.

Start Today!

Older Americans Month is the perfect time to jump in and start growing with seniors.

Sign up to volunteer for one of our many services and be a part of our mission to help seniors in DuPage County. Donations help us to provide these services.

After this past year of the pandemic, older adults need our services more than ever. With many seniors experiencing increased isolation and distance from loved ones, now is the time for genuine connection with seniors in the community.

For more information on donating or volunteering with KSC, please contact us!


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