Dancing Is More Than Fun For Seniors – It’s Good For Their Health

After experiencing the events of recent years, it’s now easier to understand how seniors feel all the time. We’ve experienced the loneliness, anxiety, and restless feelings that come with isolation.

Aging brings on huge changes to one’s life. The busy schedule of adulthood comes to a halt as dependents become independent. Careers turn into retirement. And health and energy don’t show up as they used to.

Seniors aren’t strangers to isolation but with COVID the situation got worse. While many of us feel like the challenges of pandemic life are easing up, many seniors continue their isolated lives.

There were a lot of cancellations these past two years for seniors. Especially with seniors being at higher risk of COVID complications. You can be a part of bringing events back to seniors. Senior dance parties are one way DSCC is bringing social connection back.

Strong Social Connections Lead to Healthier Lives

The connection between loneliness and mental health is obvious. Additionally, there’s evidence that shows social isolation can have a negative impact on one’s physical health. Social isolation increases a person’s risk of premature death. As well as increasing the likelihood of dementia, heart disease, and stroke.

One of the hardest parts of the COVID pandemic is how easy it has been to feel like you’re on your own. These past few years have been a challenge for everyone. There’s some irony in the fact that we’ve stayed away from others for our health, but being around others also improves our health. It’s been a very hard line to walk. Especially for seniors.

Dancing – An Antidote to the Negative Effects of Isolation

Dance parties combine togetherness with physical movement. Both of which have incredible effects on mental and physical health. Getting people together with a common love for music and movement – seniors need this.

Surprisingly, it’s not just that social connection decreases the risk of dementia. According to a 21-year study led by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, aging adults who danced regularly had a 76 % reduced risk for dementia. They compared dancing to other activities like golf and cycling. The effect might have been so significant due to dance not only being good exercise for the heart but also exercise for the mind.

A 6-month long study showed dance intervention to increase cognitive and motor performance. Dancing can evoke quick decision-making in the moment as someone moves around the room with other people. Thus strengthening cognitive function.

Of course the more movement in anyone’s life the better. Dance parties can certainly act as the catalyst to get seniors moving in their daily lives. Being around other people gives off energy and positivity. Even among introverts, we all need some connection.

We hope the excitement of dance parties can get seniors ready to experience more movement and social events in their lives.

KSC’s Senior Dance Parties

The benefits of dance parties are undeniable. This is why KSC puts on four dance parties a year for seniors. These dance parties will have over 700 guests – definitely something people get excited about.

We all need something to look forward to. Seniors don’t always have this. Many seniors have lost a part of their independence. They don’t have the options to create experiences the way they used to. Our dance parties give them something to look forward to. A night of dancing, food, and music brings back something that many seniors don’t get anymore.

Help us bring this excitement to seniors. Consider volunteering with KSC. Donations help us to fund our dance parties. If you or a senior in your life wants to get dancing with KSC, you can see the dates for the 2022 dance parties here.

When seniors don’t have experiences like dance parties, they remain isolated. They don’t have many events on their calendar to get excited about. They miss out on all the benefits of dancing with other people. Without this, it’s easy to fall into mundane patterns that don’t benefit mental and physical health.

Life should be exciting and enjoyed. There should always be days in life where a deep breath at the end of the day floods your body with happiness. We want that for everyone. Dance parties help make that happen for seniors.


For more information on donating or volunteering with KSC, please contact us!


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