Providing Meals and More….

In our country today, there is a growing awareness of mental health. Older adults who are living alone are at a higher risk for poor mental health and living in isolation plays a huge part in that risk. Minimal social interaction can lead to serious health risks and has been stated to be worse for you than smoking. We believe this statement because we interact with older adults every day who are living in isolation.

The list of mental health issues that occur from isolation is intense and can be quite scary. Health issues include depression, hallucinations, cognitive decline and lack of logical and verbal reasoning. All these health issues are a real concern for us, not just as an organization but also as a member of the Kane County Community. Without socialization, thousands of isolated seniors are putting themselves at serious health risk.

That is where we play a part in the care for older adult’s mental health.

Kane Senior Council plays a part in combating the health risk of isolation in older adults. Many of our Meals on Wheels recipients are living in isolation and the only person they see is our volunteers. It may not sound like much, but to them it means the world. When we deliver a meal, we are delivering so much more. The moment that doorbell rings, an older adult knows that there is a live person there to give them a warm hello and chat for a minute. The socialization aspect of the delivery is a very important part.

Many older adults we serve have little or no family living near to help assist with every day tasks or to provide socialization. Seniors start to refer to our volunteers and staff as their family due to how much time they spend with each other. Knowing that we are providing that level of socialization to an isolated older adult makes everything we do that much more important.

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