The Psychology Behind Partnering With A Non-Profit

In today’s world, your potential customers are increasingly drawn to companies that care about more than just their bottom line. 

For example, The Strength of Purpose study surveyed over 8,000 individuals across eight countries and asked them to rate over 75 brands on their perceived strength of purpose.

The study revealed that brands perceived as having a true and noble purpose were:

  • 4 times more likely to purchase from the company   
  • 6 times more likely to protect the company in the event of a misstep or public criticism   
  • 4.5 times more likely to champion the company and recommend it to friends and family   
  • 4.1 times more likely to trust the company 

A way to increase customer awareness and loyalty for your business is to consider The Noble Edge Effect. This effect is a phenomenon in which companies are rewarded with tremendous respect, leading to profits when they demonstrate social responsibility that consumers consider genuine. 

By aligning your business with a non-profit, an entity driven by a dedication to a cause, you not only help your community, but your business can tap into The Noble Edge Effect and reap the rewards.

Enhance Brand Reputation

Consumers today are more interested than ever in socially responsible businesses. Working in partnership with a non-profit organization, you demonstrate your commitment to social and environmental causes, which can enhance your brand’s reputation.

A great example of the Noble Edge Effect is Patagonia. The outdoor clothing retailer has partnered with environmental non-profits in activism campaigns. As a result, it has built a loyal customer base by supporting grassroots conservation efforts and donating a portion of its profits.

Other brands authentically building their brands aligned with social causes include Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Etsy. However, they don’t use their concern for humanitarian causes and social reasons to grow their business. Instead, their original mission and values align with social movements they authentically care about, so they let the positive reputation of their brands grow from the shared experience, reviews, and recommendations of their customers.

Increase Customer Loyalty and Attract New Customers

A partnership with a non-profit organization engages your existing customers, helps you stand out from the competition, and attracts new customers.

When customers see that you share their values, they’re more likely to remain loyal and recommend your business to others.In addition, cause marketing, which involves collaborating between a for-profit business and a nonprofit organization for a common benefit, can produce The Noble Edge Effect. These are powerful tools for customer acquisition, setting your company apart as one that genuinely cares about making a difference.

Companies such as TOMS Shoes and Warby Parker have used this strategy effectively by implementing a one-for-one business model, where the purchase of product results in a donation to someone in need. As a result, these companies have managed to attract new customers while positively impacting the world.

Enhancing your brand recognition through partnering with a non-profit allows customers to continue to choose you, producing an intense loyalty that customers show by telling others your story.

Improve Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Partnering with a non-profit can create a culture of giving and purpose within your organization. Providing opportunities for employees to volunteer and develop new skills can lead to improved engagement and 

satisfaction. This can increase productivity and retention, as employees feel connected to the company’s mission and values.

According to EMERITUS, the benefits of employee engagement are broad and powerful predictors of an organization’s success.

Studies have shown that employees who feel their work havea a greater purpose are likelier to be engaged, motivated, and committed to their jobs. By partnering with a non-profit, your company can offer employees the chance to contribute to something bigger than themselves, fostering a sense of pride and purpose in their work.

Regardless of the generations you employ, from Baby Boomers to Gen Z, your ability to adapt to the requirements to keep them engaged will matter. Each generation is shaped by the political, economic, and environment in which they’re raised and the events that have shaped them through their careers. 

Today, post-COVID and with so much unrest, your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), or sense of responsibility towards your community and environment, is unavoidable. How your organization embraces and practices CSR will impact your employees and the company’s success.

Partnering with a non-profit, supporting a cause that needs your help and attention, supports not only those who gain from the service but also your employees, their well-being, and your company’s bottom line.

Create Long-Lasting Positive Change in Your Community

Your business can contribute to long-lasting positive change by embracing Cause Marketing and The Noble Effect. The ripple effect of corporate social responsibility can reach beyond your immediate partnership. Sustainable partnerships can create ongoing impact, showing the power of companies to be agents of change.

Tips To Start Your Non-Profit Partnerships

Now is an excellent time to begin if you haven’t already started your non-profit business partnerships. 

There is enough evidence to show that practicing Cause Marketing and embracing The Noble Edge Effect can enhance your brand reputation, increase customer loyalty and attract new customers, improve employee engagement and satisfaction, and create long-lasting positive change in your community.


To get started, consider these simple activities:

  • Create a fundraiser. Bring your company, employees, and the community together to raise funds for your non-profit of choice.
  • Set up an Employee volunteer program. Employees can spend their time volunteering for the nonprofit, either hands-on or using their skills to support the organization, i.e., marketing, social media, etc.
  • Start a donation program. Donate with a big check from your organization and encourage employees to donate.

A Final Thought

The science behind partnering with a non-profit is clear. Cause Marketing and The Noble Edge Effect are significant in swaying customers.

There is no substitute for your company’s genuine goodwill. Partnering with a non-profit can change customers’ perceptions of your products and services.

Supporting seniors living alone at home is an excellent place to start your corporate social responsibility program.  Guaranteed, you and those who work for you have elderly loved ones experiencing various trials of aging.

For example:

  • Staying safe
  • Keeping up with healthcare
  • Avoiding loneliness
  • Mitigating food insecurity
  • And more

If you are considering a partnership with a non-profit, START HERE. We’ll work with you to develop a program that supports your mission and motivates your employees and customers. 

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