Volunteering During the Holidays

The holidays are often seen as a time of reflection, for people to think of what they are grateful for in their lives while also looking to give back to those who may not have access to certain necessities. As the holiday season approaches, our lives also tend to start getting more hectic with obligations, traditions, and celebrations. It can be difficult to find the time to give back to the community.

To those who are looking to spread holiday joy and kindness to their community through volunteering, we have some tips for finding the time during this busy season to give back. We will also go over opportunities offered by DSCC that can adjusted to fit into a busy schedule.

How to Find an Opportunity for Your Schedule

Knowing where to look for the right volunteer opportunities can be a great help in finding something that can work for you and your schedule. Volunteer portals include listings of opportunities in the area that are looking for more help.

Organizations also often post opportunities on social media. If there is an organization you are interested in, check out their socials and see if any new opportunities are posted. There are also online communities that focus on sharing local volunteer opportunities with one another, such as Facebook Groups.

Searching for the right volunteer opportunity can feel a bit difficult when your days are more packed than usual. Here at DSCC, we offer volunteer opportunities that can fit into a hectic schedule for the holiday season.

Opportunities to Serve Seniors

Our Social Connections services offer some of our most flexible volunteer opportunities. Focused on providing socialization to seniors, these services simply require having conversations with seniors who may not have anyone else to talk to during the week. Our Social Connection-Friendly Phone Call service allows volunteers to get involved from the comfort of their own homes and on their own schedules, simply requiring they call their matched senior for their regular chat time.

In early December, we are holding a Shelf-Stable delivery opportunity in honor of International Volunteer Day. Volunteers can pick from three pickup times and come to deliver non-perishable food to seniors. Routes typically take around 2 hours to complete depending on the volunteer. This opportunity is great for those who want to start volunteering without making a commitment to an ongoing opportunity right away.

Sometimes the kids want to get involved in volunteering too. This is where our Intergenerational Activities come in. Volunteers from younger generations can get involved through fun projects or activities to give back to the seniors. Some examples of activities include making birthday or holiday-themed cards to be handed out with seniors’ meals or other handmade crafts. Intergenerational Activities is also open to any age.

No matter the opportunity, our team of volunteer coordinators will always do their best to find an opportunity that can fit into your schedule.

The Spirit of the Season

At DSCC, we are always looking for more volunteers to help serve seniors, especially during the holiday season. Filling out our Volunteer Form on our website is a great way to get started and to let our volunteer coordinators know that you are interested in lending your time.

Volunteering during the holiday season is a great way to reflect on how we can recognize our privilege compared to others in our community. No matter how you choose to volunteer your time, your efforts are always greatly appreciated.

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You can help seniors age in place by volunteering with Kane Senior Council.

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