Intergenerational Activities is a fancy term we use to talk about how we like to get kids and seniors together. When this happen, great things happen. The kids get to learn about history and life ‘back in the olden days’ and seniors get to feel young again learning about ‘kids these days’.

In addition to socialization, many times the younger generation do activities that can help or support our seniors in some way. We encourage churches, elementary school students, boys and girl scout troops and other organizations to get involved.

Examples of some intergenerational activities done for our seniors include:

Seniors love to get small gifts. Some of our intergenerational activities includes small groups who put together gift bags filled with travel sized toiletries and persona items. They are both thoughtful AND useful.

Kids love to perform. Seniors love performances. So what better way to bring smiles than to have youth groups and students organize a play or mini-concert for our seniors. These performances are usually hosted at one of our community dining centers.

People love getting greeting cards and our seniors are no exception. They enjoy the handmade and hand drawn cards that kids make for them. It is sure to bring a lasting smile to our senior’s face and surely brightens their home.

For more information about starting or getting involved in an Intergenerational Activity, please contact us. We can help you with ideas and getting your ideas to the seniors.

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If you have a couple of extra hours a week and would like to make a real difference in someone’s life, then LET’S CONNECT. All you need is a heart to care and a desire to connect with others.

Let’s connect and we’ll help you make a difference.

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