Volunteer Connections

At Kane Senior Council, we see connections form between our volunteers and the seniors they serve.

Through the work of our volunteers on a regular basis, the seniors build trust and a bond with the people who bring them support every day. One of these special connections that has formed is that between volunteer Nancy Bartucci and senior Theresa Jager. We had the opportunity to meet with Nancy and Theresa to talk about their friendship that has formed over the years.

Volunteer Connections
Volunteer Connections

Like Family

Nancy has been delivering meals to 92-year-old Theresa for over five years, but their relationship really began one day when she noticed Theresa wasn’t in the best condition.

Nancy helped schedule a doctor’s appointment for Theresa to make sure everything was all right. Since then, Theresa says Nancy has been there for her whenever she needs her.

For instance, Nancy used to accompany Theresa to the grocery store to assist her in getting the items she needed. It has since become too difficult for Theresa to go to the grocery store with her decreased mobility. Now, whenever Nancy goes to the grocery store herself, she makes sure to bring Theresa’s list with her to get what she needs. She helps Theresa set up any necessary appointments for the doctor, dentist, and even hair appointments. She even went out and found Theresa the perfect eyebrow pencil to use at home!

Above all, she is there when Theresa needs someone to talk to. “I love her like she’s my sister,” Theresa says, to which Nancy jokingly responds with, “You mean like your daughter?”

I am so blessed to have her. She’s so attentive. I am hers

A Lasting Friendship

Walking into Theresa’s beautiful home, you can see the amount of love that has gone into making it a comfortable and loving environment. For 42 years, Theresa even ran a daycare out of her home for children in the neighborhood, who still come visit her as adults. “Kids still stop by and visit and stand at my door and say ‘Mrs. Jager! It’s me! You remember me, right?’ Once they tell me their name, I remember them all. Life is what you make of it and I try to make it great.” Having lived in her house for around 70 years, Theresa has built a home she wishes to live in for the rest of her life, and it is thanks to Nancy she is able to continue to do so comfortably.

Nancy has been volunteering since 2005. She is described as one of the most dependable volunteers. She delivers meals every day, takes multiple routes, and consistently serves 500+ hours a year. If you ask Nancy why she has continued to volunteer over the years, she’ll tell you it’s because of the need.

Nancy recognizes the great need of seniors who may not have anyone else and have a desperate need for not only the meal but also the human connection that comes with every delivery.

“Everyone has a heart, but I really think [Nancy] has two,” Theresa says, fondly. “I am so blessed to have her. She’s so attentive. I am hers.”

Learn More About Volunteering

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